Distribution of book catalogues of Ukrainian books (children’s and adult literature) among libraries

Distribution of book catalogues of Ukrainian books (children’s and adult literature) among libraries

Employees of the Ukrainian Book Institute (UBI) have created two catalogues of Ukrainian books (children’s and adult literature) and the catalogue usage guide, as well as made a list of distributors, able to provide those books.

The catalogues include the latest and most topical book titles for children and adults, published by Ukrainian publishers. Thus, the catalogues are a very convenient and efficient tool for quick replenishment of libraries abroad.

We believe that by distributing catalogues of Ukrainian books among the international library community we can help Ukrainians abroad get access to books in Ukrainian. It has been scientifically proven that reading in one’s native tongue reduces stress for those forced to leave for other countries, which is why we are not only supporting our book publishing industry but also giving the feeling of home to those, who are far away.

Ukrainian publishers were engaged in the creation of the catalogues developed by the UBI.

Please, find the catalogues here:

The Catalog Usage Guide can be accessed at the following links:

Please, note that the catalogues are being regularly updated, so you should follow the latest publications and check out their availability in the catalogue.

Thank you in advance for distributing the UBI’s catalogues and Ukrainian books abroad.

Ukrainian books in each library all over the world!

Respectfully yours,

The UBI team

Calling for a funding programme for displaced Ukrainian librarians

Calling for a funding programme for displaced Ukrainian librarians

EBLIDA, NAPLE and PL2030 sent letters to Ms Mariya Gabriel, EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, and to Ms Themis Christophidou, Director-General Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (EAC) of the European Commission, calling for a funding programme for displaced Ukrainian librarians via Erasmus +.

We hope that these letters will receive a positive answer. Meanwhile, please do diffuse this information as widely as possible and send us details about libraries which may possibly be interested in implementing a programme of exchange.

Support of Ukrainian refugees with Ukrainian books

Support of Ukrainian refugees with Ukrainian books

Today, when Ukraine is fighting against Russian aggression and millions of Ukrainians are forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in other countries, we thank all governments and peoples of those countries for support.

We know how much work your governments and your libraries are doing with Ukrainian refugees. We are very grateful to you for that.

Many of you have asked us for advice on how and where to buy books in Ukrainian. We know that in some countries active cooperation has begun with the Ukrainian Book Institute and some Ukrainian publishers and libraries, and books in Ukrainian are already being published and delivered to you.

Perhaps, in addition to printed books, you also offer readers electronic ones in your libraries through specific electronic platforms. Please send us information with which aggregators or publishers in your country your libraries are collaborating for purchase or ebook subscription. In our opinion, it will be good if there will also be books in Ukrainian on these platforms.

We want to help Ukrainian publishers do that.

Therefore, please provide us with the following information:

  • Ebook platform name and url;
  • the name of the company that owns this platform and the url;
  • contact person in the company (name, e-mail, tel.).

Please send information to info@ula.org.ua by May 5, 2022.

We will be grateful for your help!

Best regards,

Oksana Brui
President of Ukrainian Library Association
Українська бібліотечна асоціація
e-mail: info@ula.org.ua

Info-session and Dissemination of EUAA Survey of Arriving Migrants from Ukraine

Info-session and Dissemination of EUAA Survey of Arriving Migrants from Ukraine


On 8 April 2022, the EUAA launched a new Survey of Arriving Migrants from Ukraine in English, Ukrainian and Russian. The results of the survey will provide key information to policymakers and help to better tailor services for displaced persons from Ukraine.

 A brief info-session on the Survey of Arriving Migrants from Ukraine will be held Thursday 05 May (14:00-14:45 through Webex). Kindly find attached the agenda of the info-session, including connection details here.
Please register for the info-session at https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/SAM-UKR by Wednesday 04 May COB. In case you have any last-minute connection issues, please send us an email to dars.research-programme@euaa.europa.eu in order for us to assist.

 You can use an information leaflet (when printed in A5/A6 size) and a poster (when printed in A3 size) which can be printed out in English, Ukrainian or Russian and made available at registration points and community centres to help disseminate the survey

The first factsheet, based on responses to the survey between 11 April 2022 and 10 May 2022:


 The second factsheet, based on responses received between 11 April and 7 June 2022:


We would like to encourage you to keep disseminating the survey so it can be easily accessed by displaced persons from Ukraine. In particular, those working on the ground and registering this group of applicants for temporary protection can be instrumental in ensuring that the survey has wide coverage.

All enquiries and requests are available at: dars.research-programme@euaa.europa.eu.

The List of Online Resources in Ukrainian

The List of Online Resources in Ukrainian

The list was provided by Oksana Brui, President of the Ukrainian Library Association in cooperation with The National Library of the Czech Republic.

Educational games

  • Nravo Kids
    Children’s development with mobile games, creative manners and craftswomen.
  • Mouse alphabet
    The first interactive mobile Ukrainian alphabet in free access was created to learn the Ukrainian alphabet and write letters correctly in the form of a game.

Books in Ukrainian

Access to literature in one’s mother tongue is significant support for people outside their country. However, the creation of collections of Ukrainian literature in libraries may take some time. In the beginning, you should use network resources by making e-books and audiobooks available.

What can be done?

  • share information on social networks so that it reaches as many people as possible,
  • place links on the library website,
  • share them with other libraries, for example in local or regional cooperation networks
  • Prepare posters with QR codes so that everyone who visits the library can read books on their device.

Materials provided by publishing houses and organizations of Ukraine

Electronic collections and electronic libraries:

  • Librarius
    This is a modern library on your smartphone. Novelties and bestsellers, world classics and children’s books, motivational literature, popular non-fiction – all in one mobile application. Use the digital library, which is always at hand. Read anywhere, anytime.
    Books for children and Fantasy for children and teenagers are available for free
    New audiobooks of the best quality for smartphones and tablets.
    Children’s and teen literature is available for free listening https://abuk.com.ua/catalog/genre/7
  • Osvitoria Association
    Beautifully illustrated children’s books from Ostrovita Media. Among other things, there are children’s books that can help calm a child, help them fall asleep, as well as adventure, detective or educational books (such as critical thinking). This collection also includes the book “How to support the Ukrainian army – letters to war.” Age about 3-9 years.
  • BaraBooka: space of the Ukrainian children’s book
    Books for children aged 3-9 are provided by the publishing house “Morning” for download in pdf format. The Living Writers guide can also be found on the website to help encourage children to read. The manual was developed by Smart Education and the Ukrainian Book Institute. It contains book descriptions that can be downloaded along with exercises and qr codes.
  • Old Lion Publishing House
    It offers 30 free titles for both children and adults. There are 3 steps to download the eBook:

1) Sign up and/or join the Old Lion community

2) From the offered books in electronic form, select the editions you need and add them to the cart (by clicking “Buy e-book”) and complete the order. The cost of books from the list is UAH 0.

3) After placing an order, the book will be available for download in the personal account in .epub, .fb2, .pdf and .mobi formats.

  • Knigo Go
    Catalogue of free books for download in the following formats: .fb2, .rtf, .epub, .txt for iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle. A wide range of literature for both children and adolescents. The website does not require you to log in or create an account.
  • Libruk
    The Libruk website has collected works by Ukrainian classics and contemporary authors of various genres and times. Here you can download books in the most popular formats, and read online directly on the library’s website.
  • Ukrainian literature
    Electronic library of works of classical Ukrainian literature. Writers are structured in alphabetical order. With just one click you can select the desired author and a page will open with a list of all the necessary materials. In addition to materials about writers, there are also their works that can be read directly on the site or downloaded in various formats (.docx .fb2 .pdf .djvu).
  • Reading book
    Children’s Public Online Library “Chitanka” specializes in Ukrainian-language illustrated books. The authors of the project scan old children’s books with pictures in order to share them with modern children.
    To find the right book you should use the author’s, alphabetical or systematic catalogue. In the first two chapters the books are arranged by author or title, and in the second they are grouped by the following sections: “Foreign”, “Ukrainian”, “Children’s”, “Cognitive”, “Story”, “Stories”, “Fairy Tales”, “Fairy Tales”. “Yes”, “Poetic Works”, “Humor”, “Magazines”, “Textbooks”, etc.
    All books in the Reader can be downloaded in a single DJVU format, so they can only be read on tablets or readers that support this e-book standard.
    Public electronic library of Ukrainian fiction. The authors are presented in alphabetical order. Texts of works can be read both on the library page, and it is possible to download works in .txt and .pdf format.
  • Electronic Library of Ukrainian Literature
    The Electronic Library of Ukrainian Literature of the University of Toronto (Canada) is a personal project of University Professor Maksym Tarnavsky.
  • Library of World Literature
    Originals and translations. The information is presented both by genres and in general by chronological periods of literature development, for example, romanticism, realism, modernism, etc. By clicking on the link, you can read the works online in the original or in Ukrainian translation.
  • Discourse Publishing House
    Hlyna – a series of workbooks that fall in love with Ukraine. Created primarily for children of children living in Ukraine abroad for use both in weekend schools and at home.
  • E-book UA
    A large library of e-books, divided into sections: biographies, historical novels, adventure, science fiction, fantasy, crime novels, science and education, love novels, books for children and others. There is a separate section with audiobooks of Ukrainian and foreign literature. You can also download school textbooks and encyclopedias here. Most of the books on the site are Ukrainian and foreign fiction. Both classic works and books by modern authors are available.
  • JavaLibre
    You can download books for free or view texts online in JavaLibre. Literature in Ukrainian is collected on the site in the following formats: .jar, .jad, .txt, .fb2, .epub, .doc, easy to read on mobile devices. Readers have access to historical books, fairy tales, humour, children’s literature, women’s novels, fairy tales, science, poetry, religion, philosophy, science fiction, and fantasy.
  • The Open Book is an electronic library of classics of Ukrainian and world literature. The site distributes free copyrighted literature and publishes only works that are licensed for public use. Here you can download or read from the site classic publications, works of the school curriculum.
  • Library of Ukrainian Literature
    The purpose of this website is to make Ukrainian literature accessible to anyone who wants to read it. The site presents Ukrainian and world literature, as well as popular science books and books on literary studies in Ukrainian. It is possible to read full and abbreviated texts.
  • Find a book!
    With the help of the search engine you can find books in electronic formats (.txt, .rtf, .doc, .pdf, .fb2, .epub, .mobi, .djvu) and paper formats, all books are available in Ukrainian.

Selected books:

  • Larisa Denisenko’s “Children of Air Alarms”– book by Larisa Denisenko “Children of Air Alarms”, written on the basis of events in modern Ukraine. Most children know that at the sound of a siren they should immediately hide in a shelter, and many spend the night in bomb shelters. Writer and human rights activist Larysa Denysenko has written a sequel to Maya and Her Mother – the same children from different families are now hiding from Russian bombs in shelters.
  • Anastasia Stepula’s World Without Borders – Osnovy Publishing House has published the book A World Without Borders equality. The publication is intended for school-age children. The book can be downloaded for free.
  • Bohdan Krasavtsev’s “Eco-stories for my little friends” – there are eight stories about solving environmental problems presented in fiction stories. Incidents take place in Odesa and Kyiv, Chernivtsi and Lviv, Kharkiv and Makarov, etc. The book has tips on where to dispose of used batteries, why to sort plastic, how to combat climate change, what phosphate detergents are harmful and why we should save energy.

Tales, legends, stories, poems


Electronic resources created by libraries:

Useful links for Ukrainian war refugees concerning information, aid and library support

Useful links for Ukrainian war refugees concerning information, aid and library support





Ukrainian institutions in Hungary

Ukrainians in Hungary

Electronic resources of information for refugees fleeing Ukraine

Where Can refugees arriving in Hungary turn to Hungary for help?

Legislation, legal aid


Eblida’s partner, NewsGuard, informs us that the following pages

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict

Library services for refugees

The role of libraries in Ukraine during the war situation

Ukrainian literature in Hungarian

Hungarian literature in Ukrainian

Archiving Hungarian content in Transcarpathia

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Authentic information and libraries

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