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Libraries are places of welcome and exchange of ideas, they work in favor of civil growth and “they are indispensable agents for promoting peace, democracy and the spiritual well-being of the minds of men and women” (Unesco Manifesto on libraries).

Freedom of expression, universal access to knowledge, culture and information are the values ​​that unite libraries all over the world and allow us to work together, in the national and international institutions that we have given ourselves, regardless of the regimes and ideologies of the States of origin.

The University Library Center intends to give its contribution to support Ukrainian culture and deepen the theme of the conflict by enhancing its physical and digital collections, acquiring new printed volumes and new e-book titles on the MLOL- Media Library Online platform concerning history. , language, literature and in a broader sense the Ukrainian and Russian cultures.

We continue to promote a culture of dialogue and peace, for Ukraine and everywhere in the world.

Link to the “Libraries for Ukraine” collection on MLOL: