Dutch libraries have put together a substantial offer of reading, learning and resources for Ukrainian refugees since the start of the war. The offer ranges from free physical and digital reading material, to language help, support in finding work and signposting meetings.

‘It is of great importance to offer all refugees perspective in addition to shelter,’ says Astrid Kraal, network manager for the library system at the KB. ‘Libraries are pre-eminently a place that can help newcomers. Promoting reading and helping with language and self-development are our spearheads – and it is exactly this support that refugees can use.

We therefore call on Ukrainian refugees and other newcomers to inquire at their local library about the assistance they can receive.

[Source: Bibliotheken: volop digitale boeken, leer- en hulpmogelijkheden voor Oekraïense vluchtelingen | KB, de nationale bibliotheek