Info-session and Dissemination of EUAA Survey of Arriving Migrants from Ukraine

Info-session and Dissemination of EUAA Survey of Arriving Migrants from Ukraine


On 8 April 2022, the EUAA launched a new Survey of Arriving Migrants from Ukraine in English, Ukrainian and Russian. The results of the survey will provide key information to policymakers and help to better tailor services for displaced persons from Ukraine.

 A brief info-session on the Survey of Arriving Migrants from Ukraine will be held Thursday 05 May (14:00-14:45 through Webex). Kindly find attached the agenda of the info-session, including connection details here.
Please register for the info-session at by Wednesday 04 May COB. In case you have any last-minute connection issues, please send us an email to in order for us to assist.

 You can use an information leaflet (when printed in A5/A6 size) and a poster (when printed in A3 size) which can be printed out in English, Ukrainian or Russian and made available at registration points and community centres to help disseminate the survey

The first factsheet, based on responses to the survey between 11 April 2022 and 10 May 2022:


 The second factsheet, based on responses received between 11 April and 7 June 2022:


We would like to encourage you to keep disseminating the survey so it can be easily accessed by displaced persons from Ukraine. In particular, those working on the ground and registering this group of applicants for temporary protection can be instrumental in ensuring that the survey has wide coverage.

All enquiries and requests are available at:

Italian web resources on the conflict in Ukraine

Italian web resources on the conflict in Ukraine


The National Central Library of Florence has launched a campaign to collect Italian web resources relating to the conflict in Ukraine , as part of the Web archiving service .

In this dramatic circumstance, the importance of accessing and sharing information assets online is very evident, and the BNCF has the task, for Italy, of making this access permanent.

We therefore ask the owners of Italian websites and social profiles to join the initiative and to report their resources by filling out the appropriate online form .

Membership is voluntary and free.
The archived resources will be made available within the Archive-it BNCF Collection .

For further information, please write to:

The Multilingual Library | National Library of Norway

The Multilingual Library | National Library of Norway


The Multilingual Library is a service provided by the National Library of Norway. Our role is to support other libraries in their provision of library services to a multilingual and multicultural population.

The most important way we do this is by acquiring collections in many languages, and by cataloguing and making those collections available for inter library lending.

Ukrainian українська

The Ukrainian collection was created in 2011. The selection of books is limited; we have approx. 200 titles for adults and about 170 titles for children.

Free online resources – books and audiobooks for children and adults / Free e-books and audio books for children and adults 

Ukraine Crisis Hub | CILIP

Ukraine Crisis Hub | CILIP

United Kingdom

Ukraine Crisis Hub

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has triggered an humanitarian crisis across Europe. CILIP – The Library and Information Association – is working to support our professional colleagues in Ukraine and to coordinate support from our members and partner organisations.

This page brings together all of the information we have on the invasion and its impact, as well as how you can support the relief effort across the region.